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October 23, 2018 – Music Biz Members SoundCloud and Dubset Partner to Develop Next-Generation Strategies to Clearing Remixes & More

Music Biz members SoundCloud and Dubset Media Holdings have announced a partnership to help solve the clearance of remixes, mixes and more by testing and developing next-generation approaches on the juggernaut streaming platform. The research and development partnership between SoundCloud and Dubset will commence later this year via an invite-only beta program for individual remixes. The companies plan to have the program encompass full DJ sets over time as well. Dubset currently works with thousands of labels and publishing rights holders to claim royalties for more than 35 million original releases.... Read More

October 23, 2018 – Music Biz Partner SOCAN Launches Dataclef Services To Address Music Rights Needs Of International Clients

SOCAN, an affiliate partner of Music Biz, has just launched Dataclef, the new services arm of the organization. Dataclef has created what is believed to be the most authoritative global music services platform ever built, empowering customers to thrive in the hyper-competitive modern music industry with revolutionary, fully-customizable service suites that simplify complex back-office and technology tasks. Relying on SOCAN’s well-established data management expertise, Dataclef has developed a unique, comprehensive, reliable music database from more than 200 world territories.... Read More

October 22, 2018 – Spotify Celebrates a “Decade of Discovery!”

October marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Spotify, and without a doubt music consumers have truly embraced the streaming platform: Spotify has 180 million monthly active listeners and is active in 65 countries. Users have access to 40 million songs & podcasts in Spotify’s library. 3 billion playlists have been created, including songs from over 2,000 available genres. Listening diversity on Spotify, or the number of artists users listen to, has increased at an average of 8% per year over the past 10 years.... Read More

October 19, 2018 – Music Biz Member FindMyFans Identifies Artists’ Fan Bases, Will Launch Geolocation App in December

In June 2017, Ramkeesoon had created a business plan for his intended geolocation app,, which he presented at the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas in Mexico City. As one of 30 finalists selected from 3,500 applicants representing 40 countries (and the only one chosen without a finished product), FindMyFans received the competition’s highest score in the business plan category. To bring his app to life, Ramkeeson worked with a network of designers and developers to build a FindMyFans prototype,... Read More

October 18, 2018 – New Member Profile: FindMyFans

Please welcome FindMyFans, a tech startup that believes utilizing data is the key to success in the music industry, to the Music Business Association! FindMyFans is developing an app designed to use fan data generated from streaming services and artists’ social media accounts to enhance artists’ revenue streams. The app pulls data about fan’s location and listening activity, revealing which songs are most popular on streaming services and where their largest fanbases lie. This data can empower artists,... Read More

October 18, 2018 – Music Biz “Goes Purple” On GLAAD Spirit Day 2018 In Support Of The LGBTQ Community

Music Biz is proud to stand in solidarity with members of the LGBTQ community by “going purple” on GLAAD Spirit Day 2018. We support GLAAD’s call for an end to the disproportionately high bullying against members of the LGBTQ community, and encourage our partners and friends to turn your websites and social channels purple in a show of support. Click here for more info and to learn how you can support the Spirit Day initiative.... Read More

October 17, 2018 – NY:LON Connect 2019 Returns To ReedSmith in London

After two previously highly successful, sold-out events in New York and London, NY:LON Connect returns to London, January 22 – 23, 2019 at ReedSmith. This marquee global music business summit will host high-level industry executives and international influencers for two days of insightful keynotes and critical conversations, covering the most significant issues currently facing the music business. Plus, there will be lots of networking and time to make new and lasting contacts. Strategically planned for the beginning the year,... Read More

October 15, 2018 – [WEBINAR] – Why Mobile is the Key to Organizing Creativity

Because it’s often very difficult to be organized while creating music, over 40% of the money that creators are owed is tied up by bad or wrong data. Jammber Creator Suite is the first mobile and collaborative suite of tools that solves these problems and allows creatives to #MakeWayForMusic. Jammber’s apps can manage everything from songwriting credits and rights management to ticketing and touring, all from a mobile phone. In this webinar, Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb shares how mobile technology can bring attribution and monetization closer to creators in the music industry.... Read More

October 15, 2018 – Porter’s Call — A Beacon of Hope For Artists & Their Families

Music Biz is proud to offer our members information about Porter’s Call, a confidential service of counsel, support, and encouragement exclusively for recording artists. The lifestyle of a recording artist — because of rigorous cycles of touring, recording and media interviews — takes a great toll on both artists and their loved ones. Artists need an outlet where they can express themselves as PEOPLE, not as CELEBRITIES, to privately deal with the pressures of not only their careers but also everyday life.... Read More

October 11, 2018 – The Music Modernization Act Becomes Law: Comment From Music Biz President James Donio

James Donio, President of the Music Business Association, issued the following statement upon the signing into law today of the Music Modernization Act. “The Music Business Association applauds and congratulates its members and valued partners across the industry on their extraordinary and unprecedented efforts to bring the groundbreaking Music Modernization Act to fruition. What an amazing achievement for creators and their commercial partners to have come together in solidarity, and joined with Congress, to make long overdue copyright reform a reality.... Read More