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February 29, 2024 – NEXT WEEK: Artist Growth Shares How To Maximize Growth Through Tech

On Thursday, March 7th, members of the Artist Growth team will share how adopting a unified management platform can benefit publishers, PROs, labels and distributors, as well as  how it can help streamline their operations & promote more effective collaboration. In this session, attendees will explore how the industry’s top players are embracing collaborative technology… Read More

February 28, 2024 – The Future of What Episode #224 — RAMPD’s Precious Perez & Lachi on Disability Awareness & Activism

RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities) was founded in 2021 as a collective of artists, performers and music professionals with disabilities seeking to raise awareness of disability culture in the music business. Since then the organization has worked to advocate and create opportunities for disabled music professionals and ensure they have access to… Listen

February 21, 2024 – NEW MEMBER ROUNDUP: Dec. 2023/Jan. 2024

New Year, New Members — the Music Biz member community is home to a growing community of 400+ global companies, all working to collaborate to support the financial growth of our industry at large and create a more equitable, inclusive place to work! See below for the latest list of companies who have joined our… Read More

February 20, 2024 – [KEEPING TEMPO WITH MUSIC BIZ] It AIn’t All Bad: It’s Time To Give AI Its Due — Op-Ed by Orfium’s Michael Petychakis

A turbulent journey of love and hate best describes the relationship between music and technology over the years. But the reality is that technology is critical to the more recent and long-term future success of the music industry; they are inextricably linked. I include Artificial Intelligence (AI) in that.  Upon its launch in late 2022,… Read More

February 15, 2024 – FEB. 22: Orfium Speaks On Maximizing UGC Royalties

In our next Common Ground Webinar Series event on Thursday, February 22nd, team members from music rights management company, Orfium will lead a discussion on how user-generated content (UGC) is a key driver of growth for the music industry. In this session, attendees will learn industry secrets on how to maximize royalties from UGC content,… Read More

February 13, 2024 – The Future of What Episode #223 — Trevanna Tracks’ Tools For Improving Sync Licensing

Sync placements have become a highly lucrative revenue stream for artists and rightsholders alike in recent years, as the production teams behind tv shows & movies constantly search for the perfect tracks to set the scene in their latest project. With that expanded attention to this part of the business comes a lot of extra… Listen

February 7, 2024 – BIG NEWS: The Music Biz 2024 Program Is Here!

We’re proud to announce that the preliminary Music Biz 2024 agenda is here, giving you your FIRST LOOK at all the panels and presentations set to take place May 13th – 16th at the JW Marriott Nashville! As you look through the schedule, pay close attention to the shifts in our regular schedule that our… Read More

January 30, 2024 – [Keeping Tempo With Music Biz] — Modernizing Music Marketing In 2024: An Interview with Geoff Robins of Tradable Bits

Music marketing is incredibly complex and ripe with challenges. Just connecting a throughline can be a cumbersome chore for marketers who typically coordinate across multiple entities (labels, promoters, artists, sponsors, etc.) To streamline this process and help marketers really understand the fanbases they’re dealing with, Tradable Bits has developed an all-in-one ecosystem to manage every… Read More

January 30, 2024 – FEB. 8TH: BMAT Kicks Off Spring 2024 Webinar Series!

The Common Ground Webinar Series is back! On Thursday, February 8th, BMAT Music Innovations will kick off our Spring 2024 series by discussing its in-house audio fingerprinting technology that finds music usage across radio, TV and venues, delivering complete metadata reports to all players in the ecosystem. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the benefits… Read More

January 24, 2024 – The Future of What Episode #222 — NIVA’s Journey From Survival To Advocacy

The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) was founded at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a lifeline for small live music houses, pulling together federal grant money to ensure that venues would remain afloat until it was safe for artists to tour again. Since then, the organization has shifted focus to develop a member… Listen