Music Biz Member Symphonic Distribution Is Hiring — Manager, Brand Partnerships

Symphonic Distribution is a 100% independent music distribution and marketing company headquartered in downtown Tampa and with a strong presence in New York City, Nashville, and major music markets across the world.  We focus on distributing, promoting and developing great independent music from artists, record labels and many more. Not only do we want to work with some prolific creators, we want to also work with creative, passionate, positive and forward thinking individuals. Maybe this is you? If so, then below you will find an opportunity to join Symphonic. As a company, we want to have an environment that is inclusive, diverse and accepting so that everyone, regardless of their background, race or sexual orientation has a chance to do great things in the industries of music, tech and marketing. 

In a Nutshell
Symphonic is looking for a superstar Brand Partnerships Manager that will help expand our brand presence in ways that we’ve never been able to do before. We want to strategize and execute quickly. It is about being entrepreneurial. Our superstar will be someone that can work with established brands directly connected to the creator community, bringing more clients to Symphonic than ever before. In addition, you will be a strong leader of a new position that will help generate revenue for Symphonic and more importantly, for our clients.

This position will be based out the State of New York or California, depending on where we find the most qualified candidate. 

What you will do

  • Define and execute brand partnership strategy
  • Convert relationships into high-value partnerships
  • Collaborate with creative and content teams to deliver award-winning campaigns
  • Manage and report on a robust pipeline of leads
  • Forging partnerships that go beyond revenue
  • Use data to inspire innovation
  • Ensure profitability and efficiency across all campaigns
  • Build Symphonic’s reputation through thought leadership
  • Operate a lean department until it is essential to scale and grow the division

What you need to have

  • 5 years of experience forging partnerships expanding a brand
  • BA Degree
  • A strong track record of securing deals
  • Proven leadership skills
  • An extensive senior-level network
  • Proven account leadership experience in an agency environment
  • Strong self-motivation
  • A deep understanding of experiential and partnership marketing

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Symphonic Distribution enables content creators to fully maximize their music’s revenue and grow their global audience. The company focuses on working with: record labels, artists, managers, producers, social media influencers, and even distributors just like us to get their messages seen and heard. While our core business is to distribute music digitally and physically for the many talented creators that we have the honor of working with, we focus on a number of services, such as: Physical Distribution, User Generated Content Monetization on YouTube, Tik Tok, Triller, Instagram, Release Promotion such as Playlist pitching, marketing diagnostics, strategy and a number of other very important services to ensure that creators are maximizing and collecting on as many royalties as possible. Symphonic also showcases one of the largest partnership networks available, partnering with Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, and many other services where music can be consumed on. Check out more about us on our website at