Create a forum for education, promotion and creation of information technology initiatives for the music industry. For members whose work is primarily focused on digital operations, data integrity and strategic integrations. Here you will find a seamless transition for the following workgroups:

Information Technology Workgroup- Supply Chain OpsDigital Operations & Metadata

Mission: To streamline digital operations in the content supply chain and reporting process.


  • Jill Chapman, Amazon
  • Chris Read, INgrooves Music Group

Past Work Product & Ongoing Workgroup Efforts:

  • The third iteration of the Music Metadata Style Guide was released in September 2015. It introduced the Classical Metadata Style Guide, the first to specifically address Classical music.
  • The fourth annual Metadata Summit will take place on May 16 in Nashville during Music Biz 2016. The group is currently reviewing and finalizing the program agenda.
  • To date, a lot of the focus has been on metadata for the recording. In 2016, we are expanding our efforts to include more focus on the song. A guide to metadata identifiers, processes and standards for a composition/work is in process.
  • Socialization and education of the DDEX RIN standard that is focused on a scaleable solution to integrate studio metadata into the digital supply chain. http://www.ddex.net/recording-information-notification-rin
  • Currently in discussions with DDEX on the creation of an introductory (starter) guide to implementing a selection of DDEX standards.


Information Technology- DigitalAssetMgmtWorkgroupElectronic Music Workgroup

Mission: To give representatives from throughout the electronic music sphere a place to gather and discuss ways to streamline commerce for DJs, producers, and rights-holders for DJ mixes, remixes, mashups, and original tracks for both live and online content.


  • Bob Barbiere, Dubset
  • Mark Lawrence, Association For Electronic Music (AFEM)

Past Work Product & Ongoing Workgroup Efforts:

  • A partnership with Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) on joint workgroup was announced in November 2015.
    • Music Biz and AFEM are currently working on a mission and planning doc for workgroup.
    • Once initial planning is complete, we will roll out an email reflector for the workgroup across both organizations.
    • First proposed work stream is the expansion of the ‘Get Played Get Paid’ initiative.