From opening up access to important data and metrics and providing startup mentorship and business development to developing tools that ensure efficiencies in the supply chain and streamlining processes to save staff hours and money, Music Biz provides a wide range of resources to help our members gain access to the people, tools, and insights they need to succeed.



Music Biz’s most valuable resource is our community of members and the ability to access and work alongside them to help advance industry initiatives.



From face-to-face to virtual events, it is Music Biz’s mission is to introduce new services and provide knowledge for members to make informed business decisions.



Through our array of whitepapers, infographics and webinar presentations, Music Biz opens up access to the important data and metrics needed to make smart decisions. Music Biz Consumer Insights provides regularly updated data on U.S. music consumption, with interactive, graphic-based research summaries.



Music Biz partners with both BuzzAngle Music and Nielsen Music to spread the word about the health of our industry by publishing and adding commentary to new sales data.


Job Center

Music Biz’s Job Center allows member companies to post open positions, whether for interns and junior staffers or managers and executives. The listing of jobs is only viewable by Music Biz members and students from colleges and universities that are part of our Academic Partnership Program.

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Music Biz continues to seeks ways to help members get the tools they need to make their businesses succeed. View a list of member discounts to industry events, training courses, magazine and research feed subscriptions, and more.

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Promotional Opportunities

Music Biz has a number of promotional opportunities that can help you promote an artist, increase brand awareness, or educate consumers on legal and safe ways of consuming music.