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July 19, 2009 – Report Of Findings From The NARM College-Aged Consumer Panel

As part of the recent NARM conference in San Diego, CA (June 7-10, 2009), Colen Research & Consulting conducted a live panel discussion among college-aged music consumers. This serves as a report of the key findings from the panel. The two-part objective of the panel was to: A) Better understand how college-aged consumers are currently discovering, managing and listening to music; B) Obtain feedback on various new business models – both physical and digital.

neilsen music consumption report

June 8, 2009 – Nielsen: Measuring Music Consumption

Presented as part of the recent NARM conference in San Diego, CA (June 7-10, 2009) by Chris Muratore, Nielsen SoundScan.

June 8, 2009 – Cyber Census 2009: A Coast-to-Coast Study of American Music Reality

Presented as part of the recent NARM conference in San Diego, CA (June 7-10, 2009) by Maren Elwood & Rebecca Roth, On-Site Research Associates.

sustainable package report

May 4, 2009 – NARM And RIAA Release Sustainable Packaging Report

NARM and RIAA are pleased to announce the completion and release of a comprehensive music industry-sponsored study of “Green” alternatives to current CD packaging. The 66-page report, “Comparing Packaging Options for Compact Discs – An Environmental and Toxicological Assessment,” is the product of extensive discussions among the members of the Associations’ joint Sustainable Packaging Working Group (SPWG) comprised of representatives of the record labels, music retailers and vendors to the industry. The SPWG sought to identify viable alternatives to current resin-based (plastic) and paperboard CD packaging that will decrease use of fossil fuels and require less energy consumption overall, yield a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions throughout the product life cycle, promote greater use of replenishable and recyclable resources, and reduce the industry’s toxicological impacts on human health and the environment.

boometrics report

September 5, 2007 – Boometrics: Baby Boomers & The Music Marketplace

Commissioned by NARM and co-sponsored by AARP, this report reveals: Boomers represent considerable buying power, comprising 76 million consumers, 70% of whom buy music, mostly in the form of CDs; Digital music is growing in importance to this segment; Baby Bomers now account for a third of all CD sales; and there is $700M in potential incremental revenue among Boomer music buyers.

physical product concepts

August 9, 2006 – Value-Added Physical Product Concepts

Conducted by The NPD Group, this is a test of six product concepts to gauge consumer reaction and willingness to purchase. Concepts included the CD with Store Coupon, CD With Exclusive DVD Content, DVD Album, CD With Retail Link, CD With Fan Club Membership, and Vinyl Album.

digital landscape report

May 25, 2006 – Digital Landscape

Authored by The NPD Group, the key point from this report include: Digital acquisition of music is growing; Death of physical is greatly exaggerated; and In-store options present an opportunity to drive revenue.

consumer & music discovery

May 25, 2006 – Consumers & Music Discovery

This reported, authored by The NPD Group, includes a more detailed analysis of the three key messages in the report:
 1) “Digital” has created new opportunities for discovery and commerce, but it may have a dark side; 2) Consumer rejection of the CD is not the cause of the current accelerated sales decline; and 
3) Creating additional ROI within the physical retail store.

consumer profiles report

March 8, 2006 – Consumer Profiles & Retail Experience

Authored by The NPD Group, this report highlights important music trends, illustrates today’s music buyer and examines when, where and how much they shop. The key takeaway from NPD’s point of view was that we can economically build demand for physical product, increase shopping and improve customer value.

hitting the mark

August 15, 2005 – NPD Music: Hitting The Mark – Spotlight on Consumers

“Music buyers aren’t lost, we just have to look harder,” reported Russ Crupnick, President of NPD Music. Technology is changing consumer behavior and that change is clearly challenging physical retail; however, physical retailers have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this change. This report analyzes how consumer behavior changed in the past year, and what motivates consumers to buy more.