NARM Announces Product Metadata Platform Initiative 5.12.11

This press release was issued by NARM and before the two entities became collectively known as the Music Business Association on October 7, 2013.

Los Angeles, CA (May 12, 2011) – During this morning’s Digital Think Tank breakfast on the final day of the NARM Convention in Los Angeles, Bill Wilson, NARM’s Vice President, Digital Strategy and Business Development, announced that the NARM Digital Supply Chain & Operations working group has begun a Product Metadata Platform project. This is an update to NARM’s existing retailer database to include digital product data, along with additional functionality and flexibility that will make music commerce more fluid.

“At the macro level, the future of the music business is a federated system of interoperable, proprietary and independent databases. At the core of this ecosystem are standard ways of communicating clean information between trading partners,” said Wilson. “NARM is an active participant in global standards setting efforts around data, and this update to our core platform that is used by so many businesses in the U.S. will integrate these standards for the music retail community, as well as add functionality specifically tailored to our members’ needs.”

The Product Platform will address a number of issues regarding the exchange of data around music delivery which will improve the workflow for retailers, labels and content providers, and ultimately benefit the consumer as it will be easier for them to find the music that they want through legitimate retail channels. This includes catalog issues such as artist naming variations, featured artist references, and “parentheticals” such as (live), (bonus track), and (acoustic); messaging around catalog deletions; resolving collisions of rights; and other such issues.

The new platform will be backwards-compatible with the existing NARM database, UPC425. It will be available to suppliers and commerce partners through a website to view and manage the data, as well as receive messages about changes in schedule. It will be able to automate the exchange of information using a number of syndication technologies, and there will also be a secure series of Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services, which will allow authorized companies to use this data in the creation of their own properties or create additional functionality for the NARM system.

The NARM Digital Think Tank brings together a specialized group of key executives to explore and resolve objectives related to enterprise-level digital music commerce. Co-chaired by David Levin (Sony) and Christina Calio (Microsoft), the six established work groups are: Digital Supply Chain & Operations (DSC), Metrics And Sales Analysis, Product Development, Music Subscription, Music & Gaming, and Archival & Contextual Metadata. Meetings of the DTT are planned four times a year, usually to coincide with SXSW, NARM, CMJ, and CES and other industry events. Work groups conference calls are assigned by co-chairs on an as-needed basis.

NARM offers various membership options for companies that are interested in participating in the DTT and any of its work groups. Contact Bill Wilson, NARM’s Director Of Digital Strategy and Business Development at for more information.

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